Customer Review: Chris M. 

"I’ve been waiting for a few days before giving you some feedback on the rollers.  I’ve been riding them twice daily for most days since receiving them.  My feedback is as follows:

Let me address the “low-hanging fruit” first.  The appearance of the rollers is incredible.  I noticed the look in the Youtube vids, but the vids don’t do them justice after seeing in person.  Because they’re so sexy…I must now get a sexier road bike to match.  Thanks for helping with my excuse!

The construction is impeccable!  They’re very solid…much (much) more so than other rollers I’ve owned.  The solid construction doubtlessly enhances the stability, despite the physics behind the design.

As for the design…apparently the science behind them is accurate.  Remaining in the center of them is practically automatic.  As I was riding them the second time, I thought to myself, is this design a crutch? Will they not provide the neuro benefit of conventional rollers because they are so much easier to ride?  I then swapped back to my Tacx Galaxia rollers and was more stable on them too.  Also, I realized your design is opposite (literally) to the design of my Tacx rollers.  Whereas the drums on the Crown rollers is convex, the Tacx are concave; with the claim that the concave design of the Tacx will keep the rider centered.  After riding both, I found when I forced myself left or right on the Tacx, where the drum increased in circumference, I accelerated toward the edge.  I believe my sensation gives credibility to your design, with increased stability in the larger circumference section (the center) of the drums.

While I understand the cost will give some riders pause, when other rollers are a fraction of the cost of the Crown rollers; I am very pleased with the purchase.  I know I’ll spend more time on them than other rollers I’ve owned, which will just add to my riding enjoyment & efficiency.  Let me know anyway I can help spread the word…you’re on to something with this design!"

~Chris M.