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How much resistance does Crown Roller Create?

Our resistance varies by how hard you pedal.  20mph = almost 150 watts, and 30mph = almost 250 watts. Factors such as tire pressure and tire size will impact resistance as well.

For more details about tire size—speed—resistance, view our Power Curve document by clicking HERE

Are Crown Rollers Loud?

Crown Rollers are typically very quiet.  Often the loudest part of riding rollers is the noise from your drivetrain.  

How Much do They Weigh?

Unboxed = approximately 20lbs.

Boxed Dimensions = 22.6lbs (32x21x6")

What is the Max/Min wheelbase that Crown Roller can accommodate?

Crown Roller can accommodate bicycles with wheelbases from 90—117cm (36-46in)

If your bike is exceptionally small or large, measure from axle to axle and refference our handy Fit Chart HERE 

What is your return policy?

  • Rollers can be returned within 30 days

  • Customer is responsible for return shipping & original outbound shipping

  • Up to a 10% restocking fee may be assessed based on condition of returned rollers

  • To be eligible for return, units may show signs of minor use, but should be in near perfect condition

  • contact info@crownroller.com for return details

Is Crown Roller Smart?

Crown Roller is Clever, but not currently smart.  

For riders interested in online riding platforms, we suggest using your own power meter. A less expensive option of a Bluetooth or ANT+ speed/cadence sensor works wonderfully as well.  

Last, we manufactured a recess in the endcap of the rear roller so you can add a magnet and after-market sensor like the Elite Misuro B+ without mounting anything to your bike. 

What is the Diameter at the Center?

The center (widest) part of the roller is 85mm (3.35")