Like many cyclist, Charles wanted to stay in riding shape through the winter.  He wanted an indoor riding experience that kept him engaged mentally and physically, so he began riding rollers.  Like most people, he immediately experienced the inherent instability of traditional rollers. 
As an engineer, Charles knew there had to be a better way, and he knew that the shape of the roller was the key. 
Armed with his engineering mind and a 3D printer, he set off to discover the most substantial innovation to cycling rollers in years.  
  • Version 1, the intuitive shape:  A shape that is narrowest in the center and widest at the edge.  This shape made sense, the wheel should drop to the center of the trough...right?  Not quite.  

  • Version 2, the counter-intuitive shape: A shape that is widest in the center and narrowest at the edge.  This shape shouldn't work.  It should feel like riding a balance beam...right?

  • Final Version, counter-intuitive wins:  Physics loves the counter-intuitive shape.  Since a smaller roller has more rolling resistance, and a larger roller has less rolling resistance, the wheel wants to take the past of least resistance.  With Crown Rollers, this location is in the center of the roller.  

The Process

Innovation is a process.  We designed, 3D printed, and tested numerous variations of the CROWN Roller.  

Some worked well and pointed us toward the World's most stable cycling roller.  Others were failures at the least and down right dangerous at the most.

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